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The last mile problem of the United States

2018-01-30 18:06:44
Judging from the most basic needs,the last mile problem is all established both in China and in the United States.

In New York,driving within 5 mph will always be faster on a bike,between 2 pm and 6 pm, Sometimes in a junction can traffic jam an hour,walk faster than driving.

Not many people used to ride a bike before,it does not mean that there is no such demand, but did not appear a good solution.Before ofo and Mobike have not yet appeared,China is also the case.Sharing bikes actually started very early in the U.S. market,but their models still need to break through innovation.

Before Mobike and ofo,several companies such as Social Bicycles and Zagster in the United States were already operating shared bicycles.They've made smart locks,but the sharing bike itself has not been able to ride and park freedomly,and they ask users to park their bikes in areas with piles or face fines.So in the user experience,did not achieve real liquidity.LimeBike on the one hand changed the local pile and semi-uncoiled bicycle form, complete with riding and parking in anytime and anywhere mode.

In terms of the overall quantity,ofo and Mobike spent more than a year casting over 10 million sharing bike in the country.The number of bicycles in the United States is certainly not as good as that of China,but at least a few million.In those cities in the United States,often have dozens of bicycles,which is very inconvenient,it simply can not change the user behavior.

Since the second half of last year,LimeBike officially launched a large-scale rollout of sharing bicycles.The first city to launch was in Seattle.Thirteen cities and eight schools are now running,bringing a total of more than ten thousand vehicles,basically maintaining the speed of entering one or two markets each week.However,in fact,in the entire U.S. market,the present number is less than 1%.

Unlike the Chinese market,operating sharing bike wants to make a profit in the United States is not so hard.

When the bicycle sharing model was on the rise,though it was a potential market in the United States,but the competition in the U.S. market is far from being as intense as China.American startups rarely seize a project,operating competitors is relatively small

On the other hand,although the absolute order quantity in the United States is not as high as China and the density is not so big,but the single user value is very high. LimeBike's charge is $ 1 an hour,the user's willingness to use,pay frequency and acceptance without problem.