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Helmet Lock Works with IoT Devices for Urban Mobility

  Helmets are becoming more and more important in people's daily lives,and some countries have laws that require helmets to be worn,such as:South Korea,Argentina,Australia and other countries.However,theft problem often occurs.For better management,we have launched a helmet lock.

  And,helmet lock integrated with OMNI IoT devices enhances urban mobility,ensuring secure helmet storage and facilitating seamless access via connected technology.


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  Helmet lock integrated with OMNI IoT devices are widely used shared micromobility,2 wheeler electric vehicles,such as: sharing bike&e-bike,E-scooters and motorcycle etc..


What are the features Smart Helmet lock?


1. Controlled by bluetooth connection and non-bluetooth.

2. Security and Anti-theft patented technology.

3. Muti-voltage input,Fast charging,Stable perfomance,Long standby for 1 year.

4. High Waterproof grade IP67,long-time duration,keep working well in rainy days.



What are the features of helmet lock integrated IoT devices?




1. Comply with laws and regulations as of 100% safe for riders and fleets.




2. Remote locking/unlocking: Enables users to secure and access helmets remotely via a smartphone app.




3. Real-time tracking: Provides location monitoring of helmets, aiding in fleet management and theft prevention.




4. Usage analytics: Collects data on helmet usage, allowing operators to optimize distribution and maintenance schedules.




5. Integration with sharing platforms: Seamlessly integrates with existing micromobility sharing platforms for user convenience.




6. User authentication: Utilizes authentication methods like QR codes or RFID to ensure only authorized users can access helmets.




7. Battery monitoring: Monitors battery levels of IoT devices to ensure continuous operation and timely maintenance.




8. Alerts and notifications: Sends notifications for helmet availability, low battery, or suspicious activity to users and operators.




9. Weatherproof design: Ensures durability and reliability in various outdoor conditions, enhancing longevity and performance. 


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