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E-Bike Smart Control System

OMNI Ebike system includes built-in IoT electric bike lock,display device,ebike GPS tracker,electric bike app for tracking and ebikes rental sharing projects,and backend which supports user auth, ride tracking, remote control, battery management, after-service, billing, admin tools.


All smart devices,software and platform is specially designed for ebikes manufacturers,ebike ride share companies and ebikes operators including online business and offline stores.

electric bike lock

ebike system

Here below is the Ebike system including ebike trackers,IoT GPS tracker,4G display devices,and

IoT devices.


By using those smart devices which are also working with electric bike APP and IoT platform,electric bikes can be applied to various profit-driven businesses or projects,including:


  Bike Sharing Services:Operating electric bike-sharing services in urban areas for convenient and eco-friendly transportation.


  Tourism Rentals:Offering electric bike rentals for tourists to explore cities,parks,or scenic routes.


  Last-Mile Delivery:Utilizing electric bikes for efficient and sustainable last-mile delivery of goods and packages.


  Eco-Tourism Ventures:Incorporating electric bikes into eco-tourism initiatives,providing guided tours through natural landscapes.


  Corporate Commuting Programs:Implementing electric bike programs for employee commuting,promoting health and reducing carbon footprint.


  Advertising and Sponsorship:Using electric bikes as a platform for advertising or sponsorship,promoting brands or products.


  Mobile Workshops or Services:Operating mobile repair or maintenance services using electric bikes to reach customers quickly and efficiently.


  Event Rentals:Providing electric bike rentals for events such as festivals,conferences,or team-building activities.


  Community Initiatives:Establishing community-based electric bike initiatives to promote active lifestyles and reduce congestion.


  Health and Wellness Programs:Integrating electric bikes into health and wellness programs,offering fitness classes or wellness retreats centered around biking.


  These are just a few examples of how electric bikes can be profitably applied across various industries and projects,catering to different needs and demographics.


electric bike app
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