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Mini GPS tracker

China Mini Real-time GPS tracker alarm Anti-theft gps tracker for car factory

Mini Real-time GPS tracker alarm Anti-theft gps tracker for car

1. Operating voltage: DC9-90V
2. Operating current: 25mA@12V (quiescent current 10mA)
3. Specifications: L84mm*W38mm*H12mm
4. Positioning mode: GPS, LBS and EPO three-mode positioning
5. positioning error: < 10 m
6.Support WCDMA
7. Communication: TCP
8. Operating temperature range: -20℃~+75℃
9. Storage temperature range: -40℃~+85℃
10. backup battery: 55mA/h
11. Working time of backup battery: 0.5 hours
12. Total weight: 27gMore