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Please click below questions for directory.Thank you so much.

Dear customers, here below are the customer questions & answers. Contact us in any time if other questions.

1, Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory of OEM & ODM services with more than 12 years experiences.We are a national high-tech enterprise designs and manufactures smart GPS trackers,vehicles GPS IoT locators,intelligent bikes,e-bikes,scooters and e-scooters locks,helmet locks,smart parking locks,cable locks,IoT devices,smart cycling solutions,IoT solutions and so on. Customization available! Click Omni Products for details.

2, Why We Should Choose You?

1, Omni has 117 patents, owns an Rearch&Development team with 40 engineers and 4 production lines;

2,  OEM & ODM services;

3, Omni's manufactures are with quality control.Got certificates of CE,RoHS, GB TI9001 ISO9001,EC-RED,Design Patents, Backstage Management System Copyright etc. Welcome to visit Omni and check our factory's strength.

4, Fast delivery.With inventory, Omni arranges shipping within 7days,if others,contact mary@omnicycling.com. Thanks. 

5, Omni has professional After Service Team of engineers and product managers.They help you solve installation,maintainence and repair problems if needed.

3, How can I get sample from Omni?

About smart cycling solution,or GPS trackers or smart parking lock or other IoT devices,please advise your request to our product manager,contact E-mail: mary@omnicycling.com, we could send sample for checking first. Thank you very much.

4, Will You Keep My Information Safe?

We will take care seriously of customers'contact conformation and keep it confidential.
Never ever share your information to third party or other customers without your approval.

5, How Can I Send Inquiry?

1.   Leave us messages on Contact Us Form or E-mail directly to: mary@omnicycling.com.
2.   Just call us (+86-13926505109) with any questions.

6, What Kind Of Shipping Do You Choose?

Express: DHL,UPS.Fedex, TNT.EMS, etc.
Shipping by sea: from Shenzhen Port.
Air shipping: Shenzhen airport.

7, When Will You Deliver?

In 7 days with inventory and application.Our colleague will reply ASAP if no stock or it needs to be customized.

8, Is a Customized Package Available?

Yes, package design can be customized with 1000 pcs or above. Please advise how many colors of your logo or other details.

9, What Payment Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit card, TT transfer, Alibaba,Western Union.Escrow,etc.

10, I wanna do some customized IoT devices for our electric scooters business.

Yes, customized smart IoT devices or other products,applications are available.Omni has R&D team with 40 engineers. 

Custom IoT device for sharing rental scooters business include its functions,appearance,structure,color,logo,QR code. 

11, We're e-bike business company. We want to have QR locking and unlocking system with gps tracking system in our e-bikes. Would like to know about your product ( technical and cost information).What Is Your Bicycle Gps Tracker Material? Is It Heavy

1. First,material of smart bicycle lock is aluminum alloy,inside ABS+PC,weight of 330g,much lighter than a bicycle speedometer,lighting, lock, etc.
2. We have smart e-bike IoT with QR locking and unlocking system with gps tracking,lower power alarm,anti-theft and other functions. Omni team would send you more details of the whole solution related to IoT device,APP application,server.

12, Which System Can Your Smart Bicycle Gps Tracker Support?

Android Above 4.3, For Hardware Support BLE, Need Iphone 4S and above

13, How Far Will The Smart Bicycle Gps Tracker Bluetooth Reach?

It's within 10 Meters.More details please contact us via email:mary@omnicycling.com

14, Do You Have Any Certificate For Your Smart Bicycle Gps Tracker?

We have CE, ROHS, patent of utility, also we are applyingmore certification.

15, For Locating, Map Navigation, Display Weather, Do We Need Mobile Gps To Use?

(1) For locating, no need mobile gps, but with gps,it works fast to locate.
(2) Map navigation, if you download the offline map and navigation data, it can work.Navigation on offline. If not, it needs mobile gps to work.
(3) Display weather needs mobile internet.

16, I am planning to launch a e-bike /kickscooter sharing project in a national park in our country with 50-100 vehicles. I need a GPS enabled smart lock as well as the app and the operating software.

Yes,you can rent our app and software,backstage system,or Omni can custom your own. Mature GPS smart lock for e-bike,scooters,e-scooters sharing projects. We have whole solution and application for it. For applied language, we could make it but need your help for accurate translation.