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OGB1 GPS+GPRS+Bluetooth Smart Sharing-bicycle LockOGB1 GPS+GPRS+Bluetooth Smart Sharing-bicycle LockOGB1 GPS+GPRS+Bluetooth Smart Sharing-bicycle LockOGB1 GPS+GPRS+Bluetooth Smart Sharing-bicycle Lock

OGB1 GPS+GPRS+Bluetooth Smart Sharing-bicycle Lock

  • Brand Name:Omni
  • Model Number:OGB1(A model)
  • Outside Size:196*150*65(+3mm)
  • Machine structure:horseshoe shape
  • Material:Zinc/aluminum Alloy + ABS silicone
  • Communication:GPS+GPRS+BLE
  • SIM card:single SIM card
  • Battery capacity:6000maH/ 8000mAh
  • Waterproof:IP67
  • Software:Andriod/ IOS
 OGB1 GPS+GPRS+Bluetooth Smart  Bicycle Lock

1.User scans the QR code via phone on the bike or smart bicycle lock;
2.Bike sharing APP uploads lock ID number to the server;
3.Server will confirm the user information, account balance, lock state and other key information, the normal authority can unlock the smart bicycle lock;
4.Server issued an unlock command to the phone, while issuing an unlock command to the smart lock;
5.Unlock -please check the video for how to unlock the smart bike lock;

6.GPS positioning, reporting real-time information of bikes and electric bikes;
7.Lock unlock the lock after the completion of the successful return to the server, the server began billing;
8.After the end of the ride, the user manually lock, the smart bike lock will upload the information to the service station, the end of billing and deduction;
9. The remote bike lock supports remote upgrade;
10.Through the wired and wireless way to collect the lock information and status, and regular reporting;
11.Program logic can be customized as per requirements.

Please click and check the video: Omni Smart Bike Locks Factory Inspection and Packaging


The smart bike locks are also suitable for ebike sharing project,cargo bikes,some fat tire bikes and other types of rental e-bikes.The teamwork is including smart bike locks and bike sharing app or other sharing vehicles apps such as electric bike app.

gps bike lock
bike lock with alarm
 Model   OGB1(A model)
 Outside Size  196*150*65(+3mm)
 Weight  1.2KG
 Material  Al alloy shell, 10mm stainless steel circle, sealed plastic box inside
 Unlock Method  Bluetooth + GPRS
 Lock Method  Manual to lock
 GPRS Band  GSM850Mhz, EGSM900Mhz, DCS1800Mhz, PCS1900Mhz
 BLE Frequency  2402-2480Mhz
 Battery  6000maH/ 8000mAh
 External Power  Solar Penal
 Power Consumption  2~3mA
 Storage Temperature  -40°C to +85°C
 Working Temperature  -20°C to +65°C
 IP  IP67(completely dust-proof, rain-proof, soak 30min.)
 Humidity  5%--95% non-condensing
 LED Indicator[inside]  Red/ Blue
There's huge demand of bicycle-sharing system all over the world like city cycling, commercial and office building cycing,tourists attractions,hotel bikes, campus bikes, countryside cycling and local community cycling as well.
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