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Smart Bike Lock for Cargo BikesSmart Bike Lock for Cargo BikesSmart Bike Lock for Cargo BikesSmart Bike Lock for Cargo Bikes

Smart Bike Lock for Cargo Bikes

  • Product: Smart bike lock
  • Brand: Omni
  • Real-time positioning of vehicles
  • GPS tracking system
  • Smart security of vehicles
  • Built-in QR code system
  • For rental cargo bikes projects
  • More application scenarios
  • Also for ebikes bicycles fat tire bikes

Smart Bike Lock for Mobility Cargo Bikes E-bikes Bike with GPS Tracking System


bike sharing app


The smart bike lock can be a gps tracker and brings vehicle rental system for cargo bikes fleet. 

1, Users can scan the QR code on cargo bikes or smart bike locks to unlock the lock and use the cargo bikes.

2, When they finish the renting,users will return the cargo bikes to fixed parking station which can supported through parking beacon.

3, The smart bike locks are built-in 4G module,bluetooth connection,WIFI is supported as for different request.

Generally speaking,this smart bike locks are smart device providing communication technology between operators and their vehicles and consumers.


bike lock with alarm and gps


The whole platform is including bike sharing app,cargo bikes fleet,smart bike lock and background management.


smart bike lock


There're different models of Omni smart bike locks that fit different requirement from different operators and countries.

Below is model A smart bike lock that is very mature smart devices for shared bikes and rental ebikes.They're the same operation procedure like above smart lock.


bluetooth bike lock

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