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Smart Bike Lock with Built-in GPS Tracking SystemSmart Bike Lock with Built-in GPS Tracking SystemSmart Bike Lock with Built-in GPS Tracking SystemSmart Bike Lock with Built-in GPS Tracking System

Smart Bike Lock with Built-in GPS Tracking System

  • Omni bike lock
  • Net weight:1.2KG
  • Color:black or customized
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Connection: Bluetooth,wireless
  • CAN/URT for rental electric bikes,send data of vehicles' status to server
  • Blue LED:connecting the server successfully
  • Red LED: be charging
  • Buzzer: volume is greater than 65 db
  • Voice reminding: abnormal movement of shared bikes and rental e-bikes
  • Successful locking with voice prompts supported
  • Sensor: G-sensor
  • SIM card: GPRS/4G


Smart Bike Locks with GPS Tracking System and QR Code Unlocking System


Omni smart bike lock is different with old bicycle locks.It is keyless which supports connection with Bluetooth and 2G and 4G.Riders just need to use their smartphone and open the bike sharing app or mini program to scan the QR code on smart bike locks or shared bikes and rental electric bikes for unlocking.After the smart bike locks get the command,it would be automatically unlocked,and those shared bikes or rental electric bikes can be allowed to use. 


The characteristics about smart bike lock

1, Automatic unlocking with network connection / Bluetooth connection

2, It is locked by hand.Users finish their riding and pay for it,then they will close it.This method is to make sure the locking of smart bike lock is 100% correctly.

3, Battery: 8000mAh

4, With standby mode,the power can be for 2-3 months at 25℃.

5, OTA upgrade supported.

6, Working temperature: -10°C to +60°C

7, Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C

8, Humidity:  5% - 95%

9, Water resistant level: IP66

10, The adapter is 6V,3000mAh.American standard,British standard and Australian standard is optional.


For the unlocking,there's not only scanning QR code for unlocking.By Bluetooth connection,the smart bike locks can be unlocked as well.As for perfect arrangement,the ride share companies can remote control the smart lock through server,so they can open it on backend.

Therefore,it it known as a bike remote control lock.





For shared bikes,the smart bike locks are built-in solar panel.Therefore,the smart locks can be battery-charging so as to improve the battery life and emergency charging.



More details and parameters of the smart bike locks



The bike rental system includes hardware and software for the benefits of shared bikes and rental electric bikes.

The hardware is the smart bike lock or IoT device,the software is rental bike app and cloud server for connections,this is the whole system for rideshare business.



As a smart bike locks supplier,Omni has rich experience for solutions for sharing bikes and rental electric bikes.



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