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IoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes FleetIoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes FleetIoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes FleetIoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes Fleet

IoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes Fleet

  • Product: IoT gps tracker
  • Brand:Omni
  • GPS tracking capabilities
  • Real-time precise positioning
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking system
  • Water resistant IPX7
  • Engineered size for vehicles
  • Gps tracking for ebikes,fattire bikes,scooters

IoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes Scooters Fleet Management


What can this new IoT gps tracker do?


1, Provide information of positioning of ebikes and scooters

2, Provide communication bettween vehicles and smartphone APP and backend

3, Provide battery level details of vehicles to users or fleet operators

4, Send alerts with buzzer alarming system

5, Keep working in rainy days with high water resistant IPX7

6, 4G communication,BLE connection,CAN communication

7, Equipped with standy battery,making sure the iot gps tracker keeps working well for vehicles.


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What is the operation procedure of this new IoT gps tracker?


1, Turn on the iot gps tracker based on the instructions;

2, IoT gps tracker requires a SIM card for communication;

3, Based on communication system,connect to a network;

4, After installed,access the tracking data through cloud platform or mobile APP.


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