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Real Time Position Anti-theft Alarm Vehicle GPS TrackerReal Time Position Anti-theft Alarm Vehicle GPS TrackerReal Time Position Anti-theft Alarm Vehicle GPS TrackerReal Time Position Anti-theft Alarm Vehicle GPS Tracker

Real Time Position Anti-theft Alarm Vehicle GPS Tracker

  • Support vehicle's real time control and the report state query Perfectly
  • GPS real time positioning,faster and accurate,no incertitude and worry
  • Anti-theft alarm and vibration monitoring,a great protective tool,no suffering great loss  
  • A geofence generated, great help as the vehicles can be in a radius around a point location or a predefined set of boundaries
  • Robust and secure bluetooth communcation
  • The past 180days'historical track playback supportive,it's clear about any driving track and time record
  • Various voice warning,voice is customized


Omni Intelligent Vehicle GPS Tracker


This vehicle gps tracker can be used for cars, electric bikes, motorcycles, fleets, agricultural machines and construction machines.

Four Connecting wires are battery lock, controller, speaker and steel cable lock. 


Super functionality (This vehicle gps tracker can be called IoT device for all vehicles'tracking)


1,Two positioning modes supported:single positioning mode and continuous positioning mode, with executing remote command,the vehicles location details can be checked,and positioning works with GPS,GLONASS,BeiDou,Galileo,WIFI;


2, 4G communication: With supported controller, this IoT locator can remotely access to vehicles' location,  battery power, temperature and other information through server command, and meanwhile, the riding speed and low battery alarm value can be remotely set by server command as well.


3, Vehicles'unlock: support bluetooth 5.0 communication,user phone APP scan vehicle's QR code,through phone network,the unlock command is sent to server,the server sends the unlock command to APP,which then sends the command to the IOT through Bluetooth to unlock the vehicle;

   Unloks with network:  when the mobile APP scans the QR code on the lock, the APP sends a command to IOT, which uploads the command to the server through the network. After receiving the command, the server sends the command to IOT to unlock the car.


4, Security supported: it's built-in IoT and has an acceleration sensor for detecting vehicle vibration,when vehicle unlocks but vibration happens, IoT device actively sends a command to server.And meanwhile, the IoT device will issue an audible alarm.


5,Vehicle faults reports to server via IoT device while controller supported this function.


6,When the vehicle falls to the ground, the IoT device reports it to the server.


7,When delivering, the IoT device can turn into transport mode to reduce battery consumption.


8,Using this IoT device, APP can exist transport mode directly while charging or not 

(Controller support required with this function).


9, OTA upgrade supported.


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