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Paris Velib' sharing bike upgrade slow progress lead to dissatisfaction

2018-01-29 18:04:04
According to a recent report by the "European Times" in France,Velib',a sharing bicycle with a pile in Paris,has recently been upgraded.However,the new version not only lagged far behind schedule,but also caused frequent user dissatisfaction.

According to the schedule of the end of October 2017.On January 1,2018,the new bicycle should be launched to 600 stations in Paris and plans to launch sharing bicycles throughout Paris at the end of March.However,as the schedule lagged,the first 600 stations shrank to 300.In fact,by early January, users found that there were only 64 zones available to run on mobile handsets.

Not only is the progress lagging behind,Velib'users also find out that the new bike frequently used in the failure.The main problems include unstable operation of the mobile client,unavailability of the service hotline and sharing bike can not be unlocked normally.Even so,the new operator raised the annual rent from 29 euros (about 226 yuan) to 37.2 euros,and if you choose the electric version,which is up to 99.6 euros.

According to reports,the Bicycle Enthusiast Association complained that the new Velib' is a "nightmare" for the users.The transition between the two operators is entirely " Disaster,is to manage the accident "

There are also parties in the Paris city council who echoed Velib's operational troubles and demanded that operators give their subscribers free of charge in the first quarter of 2018.

According to statistics,since its launch in 2007,Velib has 300,000 subscribers and has gradually become one of the most commonly used means of transportation in Paris and the surrounding area.Previous Velib 'operator JCDecaux,later replaced by Smovengo,the new bike will also be divided into two types,namely,green and blue version of the normal version.