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Smart lock: safe and convenient, it applies to all people

2018-01-26 18:13:52
Forget the key to go home was rejected,almost everyone has encountered such embarrassing thing.With the upgrading of smart technology consumption,these troubles will all be thrown away.

Fingerprint locks become the new darling of smart home consumption

With the improvement of quality life,consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of life,safety and convenience.Smart home has begun to enter the mass consumer class.Smart home has begun to enter the mass consumer class.The smart fingerprint lock with characteristic of multi-functional,safe,convenient and humanize,now it is slowly from the government, finance, insurance, villas and other high-end applications to go into ordinary people's homes.Fingerprint lock as a smart high-tech products,is one of the representatives of smart home,but also one of the products pursued by modern intelligent life.You want to easily go out,you do not need to bring the whole key,do not need to install a few monitoring defense,all you need is a smart fingerprint lock enough.

What kind of people suitable for fingerprint lock?

From the market point of view,fingerprint lock is ideal for the elderly, children and forgetful people using.At present,fingerprint lock market penetration is very low,we can say that such products have a bright market prospect.

Fingerprint lock represents the new century and smart living conditions,is the label and pursuit of modern home quality. Among the many locks,fingerprint lock are accepted by consumers because of its convenience,smart,safe and more features,the awareness of ordinary consumers are getting higher and higher.Compared to the traditional door locks, this high-tech products smart fingerprint lock has a more attractive advantages.

As the market evolves,smart home products are gradually replacing traditional tools.First of all,smart lock is safer and more convenient to open the door.Mechanical locks require a key to open the door,so inserting the keyhole's open part must be exposed,which gives the thief the opportunity to take advantage. Unlike a mechanical lock,a fingerprint lock requires a fingerprint or password to open the door,its capture part is outside the door,and the electronic part is inside,so you do not have to worry about being vandalized by thieves.

In addition,the fingerprint lock has been carefully designed with a simple,elegant design,the lock does not have a mechanical surface of the entire button.It uses a highly sensitive fingerprint sensor,biometric fingerprinting recognition technology is the use of certain physiological or behavioral features to identify identity,it has characteristics with can not be copied and unique.Fingerprinting replication technology can not be realized because biometric fingerprinting technology needs to sense various physiological characteristics such as finger temperature,texture and blood flow,so it is more secure than traditional door locks.