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Sharing big data will promote the development of smart city

2018-01-26 17:57:50
Uneven distribution,excessive quantity,no rules of parking ... With the development of mobile internet,sharing bicycles brings convenience to the public as well as facing many new challenges.Experts point out that the reason why the sharing economy represented by the sharing bike,can rapidly grow and develop as it improves the efficiency and level of resource and factor utilization and better meets the needs of the general public.

What is the number of sharing bikes in the city streets?How to distribute?What areas need to transfer vehicles urgently?Which areas have too many vehicles need to transfer?These problems caused by traffic tides.It is no doubt that require the support of big data to solve.If the sharing of bicycle big data into regulation,the government can be traffic accurate,dynamic deployment, such as the quantity of sharing bike according to demand and "tidal" law,to guide the rational delivery of vehicles in winter,summer and so on.According to the data to make decisions,such as improving non-motor vehicle facilities.

For example,the ofo data system,Based on "people, vehicles and locations",the system connects OFO with 10 million bicycles and 200 million users in more than 250 cities around the world.It is the world's largest short-distance travel big data system.The system has a picture of each city's data, peak hourly processing orders is over 10 million data.In the future,based on the shared data traffic management platform,city managers can estimate the possible traffic jams on a road on mobile phones or other devices,and accordingly command the OFO operators or network taxi drivers to proceed as early as possible to evacuate people. Sharing bike and platform data not only relieves traffic pressure but also combines green travel with fitness for all to enhance the quality and efficiency of urban life.

With the rapid development of software and hardware technology,the tap and utilize data ability of people has been greatly enhanced.The role of data in enhancing productivity, exploring business opportunities and optimizing business decisions has gradually emerged.Big data has become a key factor of production.The sharing of big data generated by "sharing" will be sublimated in a "shared" way,which will further promote the sharing bicycles to the fast lane of standardized development,and will be better to realize the organic unification of economic benefits and social benefits.