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which occasions can smart locks be applied to?

2018-01-25 18:27:52
Smart door locks is a new type of door lock products,although many people have heard or seen, but still used in a small number.Therefore,the product knowledge of smart locks know less,do you known which occasion can smart door lock be used for?

1.Apply to family. For the use of the door lock,we first think of is the family,home safety is crucial.As the use of household locks are very large,so the choice of smart door locks have more products,such as password lock,fingerprint lock,remote control lock,Magnetic locks,etc.,all kinds of unlocking methods can also be used.

2.Used in hotels. There is large flow of people in hotels,in order to protect the personal and financial security of guests,you need to set up more secure door locks,and make unlock the way to be more efficient and convenient,so using of magnetic card lock is better.

3.Applied to high-end residential,villa or bank,research area.In these areas,the security management and the confidentiality management are relatively strict.Therefore, many smart locks,such as the password lock and the fingerprint lock,can be used.Only the authorized personnel's fingerprint,the card or the password is required to unlock.When using the password lock can also increase the virtual bit,improve the security of the password lock.

Intelligent door locks is a lot of varieties,it can actually be applied to various occasions,but for different occasions,you can choose the most suitable door locks. Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional smart lock manufacturers,to provide a new type password lock,fingerprint lock,magnetic card lock,mobile remote lock,ect.