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The advantages of China's sharing bike operations in foreign

2017-12-18 16:03:14
Sharing bicycles has quickly gone global and has earned the nickname "One of the Four New Inventions," but it also means that OFO and Mobike must prove that they can survive in different business environments and take root. Let's summarize the advantages of China's sharing bicycles in overseas.

1. the reality of demand exists.

Previously two German geeks, Till Nagel and Christopher Pietsch, tracked the more accessible sharing bike in New York, London and Berlin, showing clear point-to-point short-range travel characteristics on trajectories, It shows that no matter in New York, where car penetration is extremely high or a developed European city, bicycles are still the main choice for short trips, especially for the last mile.

2. Dockless sharing bike is more of convenience

Two German studies prove that the shared cycling tracks in European and American cities are radiated diffusely,because demand is being picked up, revamped and motivated by stationary stations, but a study by the Urban Computing Section of Microsoft Research Asia shows that the trajectories of China's sharing bike are more mobile and decentralized.

3. There are innate advantages in competition.

There are many innovative pile-free bike rental companies in the United States,which have the ability to quickly build technology and application systems.Among them, LimeBike, a pseudo-Chinese company with a Chinese background, has even cooperated with bicycle manufacturer Fushida.However, under the conditions of localized operation, it is absolutely impossible to duplicate ofo and Mobike whose influence from the software and hardware to upstream manufacturers to build the whole industry chain.This is also a lot of controversial bike sharing, profit is still an important reason behind the capital support.