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What convenience will smart electronic locks brought for the rental housing?

For rental housing, using electronic locks is very convenient, it is not only convenient for tenants out of the landlord but also easy to manage. Let's talk about what convenience will Smart electronic locks brought for rental housing?

Send remote electronic keys,saving the human cost of management house

The smart door lock management system can save time and manpower.When the tenant looks at the room without the need of the landlord ,just need to send the electronic key directly and remotely.

When the lease expires,only need to delete the fingerprint password

Renting housing population is often highly liquid,Whenever you change tenants you always need to go the door key recycling and redistribution.There's also a need to worry about whether tenants will secretly copy the keys, if necessary, need to replace the door again resulting in increased costs.However, with the intelligent electronic door lock management system, the landlord can delete the electronic key sent to the tenant when the lease expires and resend the new electronic key to the new tenant.

Improve convenience and realize intelligent management

Many landlords have encountered the similar situation such as open the door for the tenant who forget to go out with the key in midnight.With using intelligent electronic door lock management system, even if forget to take phone, the system can also send a password to the tenant to avoid the hassle of sending keys manually.