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Sharing bike hegemony in the US market

2017-10-26 17:48:42
The ride-sharing service is built on the basis of providing a selectable taxi. In San Francisco, only a few of the top few service items are hard to hit the car, especially where away from the city center. So as a result of the service such as lyft and uber, but with China's shared cycling boom continues to soar, by the attention of the world, the current market in addition to Uber and Lyft between the taxi service competition, the field of transportation and there will be a new war: sharing bike.

Sharing bike made a great success in China in 2016, the sharing bike industry has begun to expand to Europe and the United States. The United States is the birthplace of the shared economy, whether it is to provide excellent bike service sharing, or to provide shared housing services love Peter welcome, have been from the United States to the world.

Sharing bicycles and some of the previous bike rental business looks similar, but the shared bicycle users can directly scan the two-dimensional code by phone to unlock the bike. With the traditional bike rental business only to provide a fixed point of the bike is also different, sharing bike service to provide more bike parking location, the user is more convenient to use. Shared bicycle lock built-in GPS positioning function module, the user through the mobile terminal APP can easily query the specific location of the sharing bike and keep track of their location or use navigation services.

At present the United States mainly sharing bike companies include: LimeBike, Mobile, Motivate, Ofo, Spin, GoBike and other shared bike operating companies.

Exclusive data show that the United States shared cycling start-up company LimeBike has now expanded to the fifth city.In the United States west of the city Seattle put the first week to complete the 9534 order, single day up to complete the 2000 order.Specific data show that LimeBike has six markets in the United States officially launched operations, these six markets, including five cities and a university.Recently opened a city for Seattle, Washington, the city, at the end of July formally on the line, has now put 500 cars in Seattle, the first week to complete the 9534 orders, the average car every week to complete nearly 20 orders, when the week to complete the largest number of orders Of the day to complete more than 2000 orders, the average per car is used more than 4 times.On October 16, US pound-free cycling company LimeBike announced the completion of $ 50 million in round B financing. According to reports, this round of financing is mainly used to accelerate the expansion in the United States. It is expected that by the end of the year, LimeBike will be in the United States put 5-7 million shared bicycles, the target service more than 30 cities and campus, and plans and landing the European market.

Ford will enter the shared cycling industry, Ford's GoBike share the bike, in San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley and other 11 Bay area, Ford will put 7,000 bicycles, with 546 bus. In order to enter the shared cycling market, Ford signed the "Motivate" (Motivate) as a partner. "Inspired Cycling" is the nation's most experienced public bicycle operators, swept the New York Citi cycling and other projects to promote the operation of the activities, accounting for 80% of the US market share.

Spin, the first company in the United States to propose the concept of non-pile-sharing cycling, also announced a $ 8 million round of financing on May 24, 2017. Spin will use the funds to accelerate the recruitment of personnel, and in the United States to expand the deployment of many cities, to create the world's largest multi-pile shared bicycle fleet.

Companies such as ofo and mohan have made incredible achievements in the Chinese market, successfully building a new public bicycle system, and now they are trying to flex its muscles in the US market.

Unlike bicycles shared in China, most of the US shared bicycles are "piles" bicycles, and users need to take a car at a designated parking point and can not park at will. For example, Citi cycling in the use of the instructions clearly stressed that customers must return the bike back to the "pile", or continued billing. If the bicycle is lost, the user may face a fine of up to $ 1,200.

Because the "pile" bike relatively harsh management regulations and limitations, so that "no pile" shared bicycle business smell the business opportunities.

US media recently to "Citi bikes competitors seeking to expand in New York," the author wrote that a game on the sharing of bicycles in New York City is quietly launched, headquartered in the United States of California Spin and China ofo, Maobai and other "no pile" Sharing the bike business, hoping to expand the price advantage in New York market.