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Bluetooth APP parking lock to achieve the parking spaces and shared parking spaces

2017-10-26 17:02:20
Have you ever met when you drive to your destination but there are no parking spaces nearby,This situation is really a headache and upsetting.If there is a mobile phone parking APP, open will be able to search the nearby rental of free private parking spaces, the use of mobile phone APP open smart lock to rent you temporary parking, this idea whether make you feel very intimate?

I think the answer is yes, at any time booking parking spaces, easy to stop at any time to save trouble. Choose Omega Bluetooth APP parking lock can be used for their own circumstances, but also can share the parking lock and a number of parking spaces co-management, there is more powerful is my parking lock can also achieve revenue function. In the leisure time when the parking spaces can be rented to help some need to stop the owners, parking spaces can also achieve additional benefits.

1. Control parking share share: by binding parking spaces share the only authorization code can be achieved to use car parking, parking share at the same time with the function of the lock, the owner only need to use the phone remote control, do not need to get off Manual manual lift lock;

2. Authorization function: the owner of the parking space to share the car can also be authorized to use the parking lot to others, the authorized side can lift the parking space to share;

3. parking spaces rental: the owner of the parking space to share the car owners do not need to use the parking spaces can be shared to the parking platform, the deadline can be accurate to the points;

4. Rental parking spaces: the owner of the parking needs can be through the phone APP parking lock search parking spaces, booking parking spaces, lift car share, online payment.

Omni sharing parking lock is designed to solve the parking spaces, parking difficult problem, it is mainly used to help parking spaces "automatic lock unlock" and help private owners "rental parking spaces", and all this is through the mobile App and smart parking lock The combination of the two to achieve; intelligent parking lock is the physical operation of the system media, through the Bluetooth transmission, the user can control the car through the mobile phone lift frame to achieve "automatic lock unlock." In the App End of the phone, users can choose to share the function, to their own private parking spaces "rent" out.