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What Is Bike Sharing?

2017-10-25 18:05:00
In the era of rapid economic development,not everyone can be a regular bike commuter. Some folks live too far from work, some have erratic schedules, some would have to traverse dangerous roads or brave adverse weather conditions, and others – including yours truly – work out of a home office.These factors will affect your biking frequency

But even if you don’t bike to work, you can still bike regularly. In fact, biking is also part of a healthy, happy lifestyle. the benefits of regular biking include stronger bones, more flexible joints, lower stress and anxiety levels, lower body fat levels, and better cardiovascular fitness in general.
So, what if you enjoy biking but don’t own a bike? Depending on where you live, that might not be a problem. Many sizable cities now have bikesharing programs that offer affordable short-term rentals throughout a defined geographical area. These may be run by private companies,government or public-private partnerships.

The specific features and quirks of bikesharing programs vary from place to place, but the overarching goal is always the same: Provide a fun, healthy, low-cost transportation option for locals and visitors alike.

How Bike Sharing Work?

Control a shared bicycle, can be divided into four parts: bicycle body, bike control terminal, cloud platform, mobile phone APP

Mobile APP: There are in the use of shared bicycles are aware of the need to load a software on the phone, that is, mobile app, used as a user's operating entrance, the user can view the nearby cycling APP, booking bicycles recharge, unlock, view the travel path , Calculate the use of fees and so on.

Cloud platform: as all the shared bicycle in the control of the brain, with all the bicycles for data communication, information collection and orders orders for managers and mobile APP to provide services. In response to the user and the administrator's operation to the vehicle control terminal to send commands to control.

Vehicle control terminal: This is the core part of the shared bicycle, the main realization: vehicle electronic lock control, GPS positioning, GPRS data transmission function. The vehicle terminal implementation includes two parts: hardware and software:

1. hardware

Control chip: embedded master chip, used to control other hardware and run the corresponding embedded software
Electronic lock: you can send electronic signals through the software to achieve the lock switch
GPS positioning module: GPS positioning data acquisition can be achieved
GPRS module: can achieve data communication, for software programs and cloud platform between the information and communication


The software is running in the middle of the control chip, through the hardware to achieve the corresponding function.

Mainly responsible for:

Communicate with the cloud platform, receive cloud information, upload information.
According to the cloud information, control the electronic lock switch
Timely acquisition of GRS location, and upload to the cloud

Omni professional for schools, scenic spots, urban life, etc. to provide a convenient sharing of bicycle solutions for you to solve short-distance travel problems, a key to download, sweep the code,giving you a happy experience riding on anytime and anywhere!

Omni sharing bicycle lock mainly contains the following three:

Bluetooth Sharing Bike Lock: Bluetooth unlock built-in Bluetooth module, mobile phone scan after reading the vehicle Bluetooth information, try to match. And send the information to the server side, the server at the same time to the vehicle and mobile phone to send unlock instructions, if the vehicle first received direct instructions to unlock. If the phone first receives the instruction, then through the Bluetooth and then send instructions to the vehicle to unlock.

GPS + Bluetooth Smart Sharing Bike Lock: One of the Bluetooth lock chip is the key, with Bluetooth connection module, equipped with GPS positioning module, the body can be numbered, positioning, and the implementation of orders, control bike lock.

GPS + GPRS + Bluetooth Sharing Bike Lock: through the GPRS wireless communication module or built-in Bluetooth module and the background management system to connect, from the GPS module to obtain the location information sent to the background management system. The background management system sends an unlock instruction to the central control unit by sharing the bicycle GPRS wireless communication module or the built-in Bluetooth module. The central control system receives the unlock command sent by the background.