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What are the characteristics of the Omni bicycle tail light?

2017-10-24 17:34:02
Omni C1 bicycle tail light is the first streamlined bike wireless remote control intelligent taillights in the world, which can be fixed in the bike handlebar remote control wireless control bicycle rear taillights, including left and right steering, parking warning, safety line laser lights and other functions, it has the ambient light detection function, according to the intensity of light automatically switch.To avoid the red light intersection may be caused by motor vehicle injury, provide a strong security for people at night riding.

The characteristics of the Omni smart bike tail lights

● Wireless remote control, a key to switch steering, laser lights, a variety of warning lights state.

Wireless remote control built-in 460mAh polymer battery rechargeable battery, you can charge the USB interface, eliminating the need for you to replace the remote control battery trouble.

1.left turn - short press the left turn switch, press the left arrow to blink, while the tail lights turn left turn light, red light left flow.

2.Right turn - short press the right turn switch, press the right arrow to flash, while the tail light turn right turn light, red light right flow.

3."R" key, R key for the first time,"R" key backlight LED is always bright, red warning light is always lit; press again, "R" key backlight LED flashing, red warning light burst flash; "R" key backlight LED off, red warning light off, such cycle.

4."L" key, laser laser light switch. "L" key when the first time, "L" key backlight LED is always bright; laser warning light is on, press again, "L" key backlight LED flashing, laser warning light burst; press again, "L "Key backlight LED off, laser warning light off, such cycle.

5.the middle button (taillight switch key), long press open, off the tail light, open the red light after the normal brightness.

6.The next button (brake light), click, brake button backlight LED flashing, taillight red warning light highlighted; once again click, brake button LED off, taillight red light to return to normal brightness and mode.

● Light sensor, the night automatically open, even if you accidentally press the tail light during the day, taillights can be automatically shut down according to the intensity of light.

● Driving taillights Built-in rechargeable batteries, without frequent replacement of the battery, you can also charge through the USB interface (Android common interface). Tail lights in addition to 85 lumens of brightness, but also has a wide range of light distribution, from 0 degrees behind the back to 90 degrees are about a wide range of light and wide, 200 meters away from the distance is still clearly visible for your night riding Security escort.

● Streamlined design, waterproof rating: IPX4. Omni intelligent bike taillights in the design to consider the waterproof function, professional IPX4 waterproof rating, streamlined design, beautiful appearance and waterproof.