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Touch screen fingerprint lock versus smart button door lock

2017-10-24 15:33:46
In the diverse world, touch screen technology and key technology has been entangled, such as mobile phones, from the previous key machine evolution to the touch screen machine, TAM machine more and more use of touch screen or touch screen and button combination, GPS system is also a combination of touch screen and buttons. Fingerprint password lock field is also the entanglement of these two technologies.The two technologies of smart lock industry, which technology will be slightly better? Through the following aspects so that we better understand.

● Aesthetics

Touch screen in the process design than the button more beautiful coordination, in the visual and tactile more prominent fingerprint lock "tall" temperament, and its high-end intelligent product image more in line, more to meet the needs of consumers on the United States.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, to bring consumers a more beautiful home environment, many fingerprint lock brand will upgrade the product, the key lock into touch screen lock, so that the product is more flawless.

● Intelligent

Touch screen relative to the mechanical button, more intelligent and convenient, as long as the touch with your fingers can achieve a variety of operations, such as the difference between smart phones and keypads, the former is more in line with the habits of modern people.

● Accuracy

Touch screen accuracy depends on the internal electronic environment and the quality of electronic components. The accuracy of the key technology in addition to these two factors, but also depends on the quality of the keys, for example, the key is incomplete, subsidence is very easy to affect the accuracy of its operation.

In summary, the advantages of touch screen technology than the key technology slightly better, so more popular with consumers.