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In 2017 the number of sharing bike users in the world has increased to 227 millions

2018-03-07 18:08:17
Recently,the global development report of sharing bike released by Cheetah Lab,a global mobile data research institute,shows that in 2017,the number of sharing bicycle users in the world has increased to 227 million.Among them,from September to December 2017,the daily penetration rate of overseas market users rose by 2440%.

Quan Jing,executive director of Cheetah Global Think Tank,said,"There is still a lot of room for growth in the global sharing bike market,especially in overseas markets,and the Chinese brand will be the main driving force."

In 2017,the penetration rate of active users in China's sharing bike industry increased more than six times,ofo and Mobike accounted for more than 90% of the sharing bicycles.Cheetah latest data show that in the Chinese market,the per week penetration rate of Ofo is 0.5729%,and the Mobike is 0.4534%.

In overseas markets,the latest weekly active penetration rates of oBike,ofo,Mobike and oBike-Singapore share bike brand are 0.0187%,0.0107%,0.0106%.In the overseas market ranked the fourth and the fifth respectively is Hong Kong sharing bike brand Gobee.bike and the United States sharing bike brand LimeBike,their weekly active penetration rates were 0.0008%,0.0007%.Compared with the top three overseas active penetration gap between the larger.Compared with the top three overseas,the weekly active penetration gap is large.

The report shows that in the global market,the sharing bicycle market is mainly occupied by two Chinese brands of OFO and Mobike,and is significantly ahead of the overseas sharing bike brands.

From the global distribution of active cycling users,the most popular regions in Asia are China,Singapore,followed the United Kingdom,France,Italy,represented by the European market,the U.S. market has just begun.

In some parts of overseas,the bicycle sharing scenario tends to transition from essential traffic to leisure riding.For example,the users of Italy's riding sharing bike are mainly concentrated around 2:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m.There is a certain difference in the number of cyclists sharing bicycle with China in the morning and evening rush hours.

Cheetah predicts that in the next two years,the number of users sharing bicycles in the world will continue to grow,reaching 306 million by 2019.Among them,the potential for growth in overseas markets is the highest,and the number of  sharing bike users in overseas market will have 5-10 times more room for growth in the next two years.

Analysis also said that the global demand for bicycles is about 110 millions each year,the number of riders is about 15% of the total population,the total number of riders is over 1.1 billions.And these riders,will also be the most direct incremental users sharing bicycles.

In addition,the huge population base in Asia,including India,the world's second-largest population,is also a favorable condition for overseas sharing bike users'continued rapid growth.Therefore,Asia will also be the key area for many brand competitions.