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The selection knacks of smart door lock

2018-03-08 18:08:17
Look at the lock material

The market lock materials are basically divided into stainless steel,copper,zinc alloy,iron and aluminum.Stainless steel has good strength,corrosion resistance,the same color,is the best lock material.Copper is more general,superior mechanical properties,the price is more expensive. High-quality zinc alloy has strong wear resistance,the corrosion resistance is very strong,easy Molding,generally used to make mid-range locks.

Look at the lock cylinder surface treatment

The general surface treatment is divided into electroplating,spraying and coloring.The surface treatment can form a layer of protective film on the product,which has anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects,and at the same time makes the product more beautiful and durable.Good quality smart locks,the general use of electroplating,coating moderate,which has very uniform, bright colors,no bubbles,rust and oxidation signs.

Look at functional design and key components

There are many types of locks,and what kind of locks to use depends on where they are used.Consumers can choose different types of door locks according to the use of the scene,such as glass door locks,electronic door locks,fingerprint door locks,padlocks,etc.

With the development of technology,there have been many new smart locks,the market share continues to improve,biometric fingerprint lock is the future direction of the development of the lock.Omni's new smart door lock technology has strong ability to open,good anti-theft performance and relatively high security.At the same time,it does not have a series of problems that the key is lost or even copied.