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Technology principle of sharing bike electric fence

2017-11-24 17:50:16
Electronic fence is used for the management of city sharing bicycles.Implement electronic fence on the market at present basically has two kinds, one kind is established in the ground by signal launch device to realize the recognition of parking areas, which has based on short-range wireless communication technology and implementation, there are also based on bluetooth (such as mobike).The other is the beidou navigation based electronic fence system (OfO) based on satellite positioning technology, which uses the ground enhancement system and the positioning of the beidou system.

In simple terms, the "electronic fence" is a virtual parking box, the user must park the sharing bicycle in the specified parking box, otherwise you can not lock the car to end the trip.

Specifically, through the Internet of Things chip launch signal coverage technology give a shared bicycle parking area, so that the bicycle can only park within the specified range. When the sharing bike parked beyond the area specified by the system, the system will issue a voice prompt, requiring the rider to return the sharing bike to the designated area, otherwise the sharing bike will unable to lock, the background will always be charged.

Omni smart bicycle lock with using of electronic fence, on the one hand to achieve the orderly management of bicycles to reduce operating costs of cycling and reduce bicycle loss rate, on the other hand it is convenient for users to use the sharing bike, establishing a good user parking habits.