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Electric Bike Charging PointElectric Bike Charging PointElectric Bike Charging PointElectric Bike Charging Point

Electric Bike Charging Point

  • Product name: electric bike charging point
  • Brand: OMNI
  • Auto cut-off when full charge
  • Easy assembly & delivery
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Lower operation cost,beneficial for operators

Easy Management and Operation Electric Bike Charging Point


Electric bike charging point is a high level water resistent smart charging station for two-wheelered electric vehicles.

The electric bike charging point is 100% protective charging point for all vehicles.Anti-creeping,no sparking.

It's built-in smart detection device for any unnormal detection to protect charging station and vehicles very well.



As specially designed,all vehicles owners and users including the elders can use this electric bike charging station easily. 

Circuit protection is supported.The electric bike charging point is equipped with circuit protection chip,safety guaranteed with power overload and short circuit anytime anywhere.

Operators can remotely control this electric bike charging point via smartphone APP.

Vehicle charging station users can choose different charging time based on the battery status of electric bikes.

It is much more user-friendly.There're a lot of repeated users with good experience.


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