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Wireless Ebike Charging StationsWireless Ebike Charging StationsWireless Ebike Charging StationsWireless Ebike Charging Stations

Wireless Ebike Charging Stations

  • Product:wireless charging stations for e-bikes
  • Brand: OMNI
  • OEM&ODM services
  • Perfect fit for ebikes rental sharing business
  • Automatic induction charging
  • Ensure safety for users and electric bikes

Ebike Charging Stations with Auto Induction charging Ensures Protection 


 The e-bike charging stations are a wireless charging station for electric bikes for rental and sharing business.


Why do we need to use electric bike charging stations? 


1. E-bikes operators do not need to change batteries manually and save a lot of labor cost;

2. E-bikes can be parked and locked simultaneously effortless;

3. By ebike charging stations,charging frequency and charging safety can be controlled;


The advantages of OMNI ebike charging stations


For the Charging


1. The Ebike charging stations adopt magnetic resonance wireless charging technology, realizing an intelligent wireless charging system for vehicles, avoiding safety hazards caused by frequent battery exchanges and centralized charging.

2. The Ebike charging station feature automatic power cutoff when fully charged and temperature detection functions, effectively ensuring charging safety management and preventing potential hazards.


For the Cost


1. Effectively avoiding the current platform operation, increasing the demand for battery replacement by 30%.

2. Reducing the fixed cost per vehicle by an average of US $82.98-138.3.


For the Ebikes Management


1. Less manually working,less labor cost. 

2. By employing OMNI Ebike charging stations,we can reduce the back-and-forth scheduling tasks.

3. Utilizing an online task mode allows users to autonomously return vehicles to charging stations, earning additional rewards and incentives.


ebike charging stations


The Working Process of Ebike Charging Stations


1. The user scans the vehicle's QR code, and the server issues an unlock command.

2. Upon receiving the unlock command, the vehicle's IoT device transmits the command wirelessly to the charging station via wirelss charging RX module, and then unlocks the vehicle synchronously。

3. After receiving the unlock command from the IoT devices, the ebike charging station unlocks the vehicle dock, turns off the wireless charger, and reports the status information of the vehicle dock to the server.

4. The user takes the vehicle and begins riding.

5. After finishing the ride, the user pushes the vehicle back to the ebike charging station, and upon successful identity verification, the vehicle is locked and starts charging.

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