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2 Wheeler Charging Station2 Wheeler Charging Station2 Wheeler Charging Station2 Wheeler Charging Station

2 Wheeler Charging Station

  • Product name: 2 wheeler charging station
  • Brand: OMNI
  • Supports OEM customization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe and convenient
  • Low investment and stable long-term returns

2 Wheeler Charging Station with Detection Device for Smart Charging


This 2 wheeler charging station is not only an ebike charging station,a scooter charging station,an e-moped charging station,and but also a electric motorcycles station.


2 wheeler charging station is a type of equipment primarily used for the centralized and safe charging of two-wheel electric scooters, three-wheel electric vehicles, elderly mobility scooters, and similar vehicles. The product features a compact size that doesn't occupy much space, convenient installation and construction, and a high level of intelligence, eliminating the need for constant monitoring by dedicated personnel. It serves as a practical and market-worthy amenity with significant utility and investment value.


The application scenarios of 2 wheeler charging station include public places, urban villages, residential communities, industrial parks, technology parks, industrial zones, schools, roadside, parking lots, shopping centers.


The 2 wheeler charging station is to meet users' charging needs in diverse scenarios such as business districts, residential areas, public parking lots, public buildings and more.


The 2 wheeler charging station is to protect the vehicles when they're fully charged.The product is equipped with circuit protection chip,it is safe when power overload and short circuit.



What more smart technologies do we put in the 2 wheeler charging station?


1. All is automatic.

2. It is flexible.Users can choose different charging duration as per need.

3. Any exception detection,send notifications and stop the charging at one time.

4. The charging station operators can control it at any time.Best arrangement.

5. The charging station operators can build their own fee charging standards and adjust it at any time.

6. Best accuracy for fee charging. Easily build trust with users.Beneficial.



This 2 wheeler charging staion is engineered to be installed easily.


There're 2 methods.

The first one is to install on the wall using screws for stability.

The second choice is to put it onto the column which is installed for outdoor areas.



The smart charging stations provide multiple safeguards, efficient protection, making charging safer and more convenient.

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