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Smart Bike Lock is Connecting Development of Smart Technology

Omni Original 2023-06-26 18:27:53

  How does smart technology change the world?


      In fact,it starts with changing many common small items around us,such as bicycle locks.In traditional bicycle locks,the lock cylinder judges whether the physical key matches through the mechanical structure.Only when the key matches can the lock be opened.There're smart bike locks on shared bicycles.People only need to scan it with mobile phone,send a request to the cloud server,and the unlock command will be sent to the smart locks,and the lock will be unlocked with a beep.

  Today,based on the realization of data,algorithms,machine learning and cloud computing,technologies such as smart bike locks,smart terminals and big data platforms have been improved,and shared bicycles have entered the 2.0 era-unlocking from"4~6 seconds"to"1 second",driving into the"black hole"area,illegal parking,etc.will be reminded.Unknowingly,there're obvious changes of people's habits of using bicycles,energy saving and emission reduction,and driving safety.


smart bike lock


       5G technology


  Now that my country's 5G is officially commercialized,the new generation of mobile communication technology will undoubtedly bring more possibilities to the shared bicycle industry.However,it must be pointed out that the data required for the OTA upgrade of smart locks is much lower than that of smart terminals such as mobile phones,tablets,and cars.Therefore,the smart bike locks on the market are being upgraded to 4G.At least for now,mature 4G technology is more suitable for shared bicycles than fresh 5G.

  Based on 4G,the smart locks for ride share services can already achieve faster OTA upgrades,and can more efficiently execute advanced technology including operation and maintenance management,big data,algorithms,etc..The effect of bike sharing programs can be improved.

       4G is more mature for best rideshare service.

  It is difficult for innovators to design the new network perfectly from the very beginning.The new bike sharing system is gradually improved and optimized in the process of use and practice,and the structure is optimized,and then the original design framework is reconstructed,and finally it becomes mature and reliable.In fact,not only shared bicycles,but shared cars that are one size larger than shared bicycles also use 4G,and at the same time carry out technical reserve research and development on 5G. Because best ride share service is closely related to safety,and even the slightest mistake cannot be made.


bike sharing programs


  Of course,bike sharing companies are already imagining the changes that the 5G technology industry will bring to ride share services,such as high-speed connections between things,and the combination with the development of cloud computing and artificial intelligence,which can bring more space for innovation.Among these enterprises are Harbin and Mobike,which are"two rounds",and Cao Cao and Ruqi,which are"four rounds".They are well aware that the 5G era can bring huge incremental space to the market,but they also realize that this will be a long and arduous search.For ordinary users,while the 4G smart bike lock we use is convenient and safe,we can imagine that the application scenarios in the 5G era will be more convenient and safe.