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Our company carried out the developing expansion activities

2017-12-11 18:42:05



In order to improve teamwork ability and enhance staff's sense of responsibility, sense of honor and sense of belonging to the team,  On December 9,Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Sales Team and R & D department colleagues jointly conducted outdoor expansion activities in Mission Hills Landscape Park.By expanding personal experience of training programs, perceiving the power of personality, enhancing team awareness, master interpersonal communication methods and techniques and fully develop personal potential.Under the guidance of the coaches, Carried out training programs such as "Bracelet solution" , "T-plate", "Wisdom Nail", "Tear name card" and "Crossing the Blockade Line" and other training programs.According to the results of all-day trainees' training programs, team discipline and work style, rewards and punishments were taken to train employees' strong will and enhance team cohesion and overall solidarity.

Through this training, everyone realized their strengths and weaknesses, but also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work. All employees in Omni have changed their experiences in learning. After experiencing the joy of dedication, cooperation and courage, everyone in Omni deeply understands the essence of "responsibility, cooperation and self-confidence" and the responsibility they have as a member of the team. Under intense work and pressure, my colleagues feel the green mountains and rivers, let the minds fly, improve work efficiency, arouse enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work, and provide a solid foundation for the company's humanities construction and sustainable development!