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Mexico sharing electric scooter startup Grin Scooters completes $20 million financing

2018-09-15 17:51:08
According to media sources,Grin Scooters,a sharing electric scooter startup based in Mexico,announced that it has completed a $20 million financing,including DCM Ventures,Trinity Ventures,SV Angel and Shasta Ventures.As of now,the company's total financing has reached $27 million.

According to reports, the company offers scooters that do not require a parking rack,which means that the rider can leave them anywhere.The rider can find a GPS-enabled scooter on the app and then unlock it by reading the QR code.Many users say the scooter offers a cheap,convenient,and environmentally-friendly alternative to the car,and because the charge is cheaper than sharing cars and sharing bikes,it also solves the last mile travel problem for low-income families.

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