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E-Bike Smart Control System

Go further, faster and loads of fun! It’s really that simple, e-Bike allows people of all ability levels to experience the joy of cycling. For exercise, for commuting or simply getting to the store, there’s a hill-flattening, fun-enhancing e-Bike that’s right for just about anyone.

Omni is specialized in providing smart system solution in electric bicycles or electrombiles, Which features include:

1. Mobile phone APP a key to start, the traditional code table display can be upgraded to the code table and the phone show riding parameters in real time;

2. Intelligent hardware can be connected with the phone Bluetooth connection, when the e-bike is in the case of abnormal movement, intelligent equipment automatically alarm, open anti-theft mode;

3. The power supply by the e-bike ,not need to worry about the impact of intelligent equipment power failure.