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Why sharing electric scooters are so popular in abroad

2018-09-26 17:10:21
As a means of transportation,we often see cars,motorbikes,subways,buses and other means of transportation,which will allow you to bring more convenience in terms of transportation and life,but also bring a lot of environmental problem,such as pollution.So electric travel will be an inevitable trend for the country to vigorously advocate environmental protection.

Why choose sharing electric scooter as a way of travel?

1. The sharing electric scooter has the characteristics of save time,effort,speed,convenience, and easy to carry.Anyone with a smartphone can download the app scan code to ride.

2. The shared scooters can be used in every country in the world.No matter which country uses 2G/3G/4G network,you can use the downloaded app scan code to ride.Sharing electric scooters are divided into 2G,network version,3G and 4G network version of the scooter,providing consumers with comprehensive supporting services,but also providing consumers with a variety of services.

3. Sharing scooters advocated the state's initiative on environmental protection,implemented green environmental standards,reduced the emission of harmful gases in the living air,and reduced the purchase rate of automobiles,greatly reducing harmful emissions.

4. Whether it is going to work,traveling,etc.,riding a shared scooter or your own scooter is very convenient,no traffic jams,anywhere in the city can pass,greatly reducing traffic congestion.For us,it is a fast transportation tool for travel,which makes it more convenient for people to travel.

5. The sharing electric scooter can also replace the battery,then recycle the old battery and use it.At the same time,the shared scooter can continue to be used.Only regular inspection is needed to ensure the safety of riding.

6. The shared electric scooter parking space is small,and the land can be allocated and used reasonably,the use of the car and the exhaust gas are reduced,and the resources are rationally utilized.