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The technology solutions of sharing electric scooter

2018-09-30 14:51:08
The sharing electric scooters is particularly popular in Europe and the United States in this year,maybe many companies may not know much about sharing electric scooters.About its technical solution is no simpler than sharing bicycle,even better than sharing bicycle.Because electric scooters have lithium batteries,they must fully consider their circuit design,body waterproof,battery life and so on.A mature shared electric scooter solution service provider should have R&D capabilities including body structure customization,2G/3G/ 4G communication module,Sim card slot,MQTT protocol docking,GPS,battery motor lock,firmware,software and so on.

1, Battery

The best solution is to use a quick-change battery and a battery lock.Otherwise,the electric scooter will be placed on the street,the battery may will be stolen by the thief.Not only can the thief steal the battery,but also the operator can replace the battery.If the electric scooter does not use a replaceable battery solution,it will greatly increase operating costs.Of course,the electric scooter should upload the remaining battery data to the server background.The staff can determine the location of the electric scooter and whether it needs to be replaced by the background data.

2, Lock the share electric scooter and prevent theft

The shared scooter must have an electronic lock or a motor lock.When the user finishes the ride,the electronic lock can cause the motor to generate resistance,and the motor lock can automatically lock the motor to prevent the shared scooter from being towed by the user.Unless the billing is restarted,the electronic lock or the motor lock is automatically unlocked.

At the same time sharing electric scooters should have burglar alarms.When the electric scooter is locked or moved in the state of locking the scooters,the electric scooter will sound an alarm and upload the current position data to the server background.

3, Data transmission

The sharing electric scooter single riding time,total riding time,single riding distance,total riding distance,current speed,real-time positioning,fault code,speed limit,controller temperature,remaining mileage,battery The current and other data should be able to be acquired and uploaded to the server background.

4, Fault diagnosis

When the electric scooter is faulty,it should be able to report the fault code and real-time location to the server,so that the maintenance personnel can determine the cause of the fault and perform maintenance.

5, Waterproof

The shared electric scooter must be waterproofed,otherwise the electric scooter may not work properly in heavy rain.If the electric scooter is soaked in water,the maintenance costs is very high.Therefore,the sharing electric scooter is required to have a waterproof function.

6, Web background and APP

That are the shared electric scooter company must have the Web background and APP before operation.

7, Transmission protocol

Now mainstream shared electric scooters use the TCP-based MQTT communication protocol.The construction of the MQTT server needs to see the strength of the shared scooter company technical team.Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in the products of wireless communication,artificial intelligent,sensor technology,which is a professional company provides customers with sharing technology solutions,having a professional technical team and extensive experience.