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OGG1 GPS+GPRS Smart Bicycle LockOGG1 GPS+GPRS Smart Bicycle LockOGG1 GPS+GPRS Smart Bicycle LockOGG1 GPS+GPRS Smart Bicycle Lock

OGG1 GPS+GPRS Smart Bicycle Lock

  • Brand Name:Omni
  • Model Number:OGG1(A model)
  • Outside Size:196*150*65(+3mm)
  • Machine structure:horseshoe shape
  • Material:Zinc/aluminum Alloy + ABS silicone
  • Communication:GPS+GPRS
  • SIM card:single SIM card
  • Battery capacity:6000maH/ 8000mAh
  • Waterproof:IP67
  • Software:Andriod/ IOS
 OGG1 GPS+GPRS Smart Bicycle Lock

1.Could locate precisely by GSM, Base Station, GPS, WIFI;
2.Connect to smart lock by scanning QR code or Bluetooth matching, and unlock automatically after confirming the ID on APP;
3.Lock manually, locking signal sent to platform and then to app by GPRS;
4.Real-time submitting location data to platform;
5.Including auto-recharge solution (need to double confirm requirements and cost);
6.Built-in sensor to detect abnormal lock/unlock or break data and submit to platform;
7.Daily lock and unlock record will submit to platform automatically;
8.Low voltage alarming and will submit to Server platform by GPRS on time

 Model  OGG1(A model)
 Outside Size  196*150*65(+3mm)
 Weight  1.2KG
 Material  Al alloy shell, 10mm stainless steel circle, sealed plastic box inside
 Unlock Method  GPRS
 Lock Method  Manual to lock
 GPRS Band  GSM850Mhz, EGSM900Mhz, DCS1800Mhz, PCS1900Mhz
 Battery  6000maH/ 8000mAh
 External Power  Solar Penal
 Power Consumption  2~3mA
 Storage Temperature  -40°C to +85°C
 Working Temperature  -20°C to +65°C
 IP  IP67(completely dust-proof, rain-proof, soak 30min.)
 Humidity  5%--95% non-condensing
 LED Indicator[inside]  Red/ Blue
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