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Omni takes you to analyze the bicycle tail light

Omni Original 2023-03-23 16:00:47

With the development of the sharing compnay,sharing bicycles can be seen everywhere,so everyone must be familiar with the bicycle tail light,but do you know how much knowledge is contained in the bicycle tail light?Let Omni takes you to understand more about it.


Why does the taillight light up at night?

There is a red taillight on the back of the bicycle.This taillight cannot emit light by itself,so how can the driver see it at night? It turns out that the tailllights of bicycles are composed of many honeycomb-shaped "cells",and each "cell" is composed of three reflective surfaces at about 90 degrees,which can reflect the light shining on the taillights in all directions.It produces reflected light.Meanwhile,the reflected light attracts the driver's attention due to the eye-catching red color.


bicycle tail light


What are the characteristics of the bicycle tail light?

There is a light sensor on the bicycle tail light,which can accurately perceive the brightness of the external environment and automatically control the switch function of the taillight.When riding in a tunnel or a low-light space,the soft breathing light will automatically turn on,which is smart and convenient.There's a speed sensor in the bicycle tail light,which can accurately perceive the acceleration,deceleration and normal driving status of the current vehicle,and automatically turn on the corresponding light reminder function,quickly convey your driving status to the rear.The built-in gyroscope of bicycle tail light can accurately perceive the balance state of the vehicle,and automatically turn off the left and right turn indicator lights of the taillight.




Omni bicycle tail light can be charged by usb,with a logn-lasting battery life of up to 7 hours.It is rechargeable,and the waterproof level is IP66,180 degree free adjustment.It's easy to use,multiple lighting modes,and one-button remote control.If you are interested,please contact us in any time.

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