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C1 Wireless Remote Control Turn Rear LightC1 Wireless Remote Control Turn Rear LightC1 Wireless Remote Control Turn Rear LightC1 Wireless Remote Control Turn Rear Light

C1 Wireless Remote Control Turn Rear Light

  • Brand:Omni
  • Color:back
  • Shell material:ABS engineering plastic
  • Cree LED:read highlight
  • Brightness:85 lumen
  • Rear light size:110mm*65mm*30mm
  • Rear light weight:125g
  • Rear light battery capacity:2200mAh
  • Waterproof level:IPX4
Remote control bicycle turning rear laser bike, 
Red High Intensity Rear LED Accessories Fits On Any Road Bikes

C1 remote control bicycle turning rear laser light is the first model innovated by Omni.Designing inspiration come from batman,which achieve function of left/right turning,braking alarming,safety laser light,etc function by the remote control fixed on bicycle handlebar to control the rear light.Together with low battery reminding,ambient sensor detection function.Offer great safety guarantee for cyclist during night time,avoid injury especially red light intersection may cause by vehicle.

Button on rear light:
1. When light off,short press on/off button,red LED light will show current power,totally 5 degrees.When power is lower than 
operating voltage,red LED will blink 3 times then off.Light couldn’t on when in off condition.
2. Long press power button on the light,can on/off the rear light.When power on,red LED default constant on.
3. When light on.Short press button could switch to red light,there will be constant on,blinking,Off ,3 modes.

Ambient light sensor
When rear light power on,but red light is off mode.If dark than 2 seconds,ambient light will automatically on.
If light get brighter more than 5 seconds,ambient light off.

Remote control function (rear light should be on)
1. On/off button:long press this button to on light,then long press off
2. Red alarming button.Short press could switch the mode,constant on,blinking,off.Short press 3 modes cycle
3. Laser light button.Short press switch the mode,constant on,blinking,off 3 modes
4. Left turning button: Short press left turning button.Light flashing.Again press button.Turning function off.If not off the left turning button,
after one minute,will cancel the turning mode.And back to original mode
5. Right turning button: Same rule as left turning
6. Braking light: press braking button to start braking mode.Release to off brake status.LED light highlight to remind the followers.

 Item  C1 Wireless Remote Control Turn Rear Light
 Color  back
 Shell material  ABS engineering plastic
 Cree LED  read highlight
 Rear light size  110mm*65mm*30mm
 Rear light weight  125g
 Wireless transfer mode  433M
 Rear light charging input  DC5V 800Ma
 Red alaring light brightness  85 lumen
 Laser light transmission distance  5m
 Rear light battery capacity  2200mAh
 Remote control battery capacity  180mAh
 Working environment  -20~+60℃
 Waterproof level  IPX4
 Rear light endurance  normal brightness 7 hours
 Rear light charging time  charging take 3.5 hours.When charging 3 red light flashing.Full charge red light constant on
 Rear light full battery standby  rear light button on but light off standby time 14 days.Rear light off standby over 3 years
 Remote control endurance  standby more than 4 months
 Remote control charging time  charging need 2.5 hours.When charging 4 arrow button back light flashing.Full charge red light constant on
 Accessories  1. 433M Bicycle Rear Light 1pcs
 2. Remote control 1pcs
 3. Rear light bracket 1pcs
 4. Rubber belt 1pcs
 5. Screw,nut 3pcs
 6. USB Charging Wire 1pcs
 7. Manual Instruction 1pcs

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