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Omni has developed a new auto tracking device in 2023

Omni Original 2023-03-31 15:19:15

New development of auto tracking device


The team advocating green travel continues to grow,and many car manufacturers and enterprises have contributed their own strength.And they all put forward key requirements.If car manufacturers and car owners can check the location of vehicles in real time,and check and protect their own bicycles and electric bikes anytime,anywhere,then all the proposed functional requirements can be implemented.This will be an important milestone for the vehicle to lead the cycling market for micromobility with more intelligence.

Therefore,compared with the old-fashioned auto tracking device in the past,a new type of tracking devices

released by Omni is in line with the current idea of health monitoring.


auto tracking device


So how does the new auto tracking device work?Let Omni explain to you with details.


First of all,the new auto tracking device also supports real-time GPS positioning function of the old gps locator.Compared with 2G technology,the new auto tracking device adopts 4G technology that will soon occupy the market of vehicle gps.In this way,the positioning function of the auto tracking devices can be used to the maximum.

In addition to precise positioning,the vehicle's position,power,and speed,the new auto tracking device can also detect the riding time and riding status of many cycling enthusiasts,thus playing the role of health monitoring and making the vehicles more intelligent.

Many people are curious about what kind of location tracking device can autually monitor human's health.


vehicle gps


What can the auto tracking device do for all vehicles?


How long does the rider ride every day,and do they ride every day after installed the auto tracking device on the shared bicycles or shared electric bikes? Is cycing regular? Feedback on whether the user's riding time is up to standard is given by the user's use of vehicles,and the calorie consumption of the user is calculated through the length of the riding time,so as to know whether the intensity of exercise meets the "weekly moerate intensity of 150 minutes of exercise for ordinary people"recommended by the World Health Organization.As long as there is a certain amount of exercise,the body's immunity,resistance,endocrine system and mood will be greatly helped,and vitality will be enhanced,which will have many benefits for health.


tracking devices


Through the data statistics of the gps tracking apps and the background software system,we can understand the users.Not only that,we can also monitor wheter the vehicle needs to be maintained,and can arrange for the vehicle to be repaired and maintained at the nearest after-sales store.

Omni's new auto tracking device has been developed by many new functions.If you are interested,you can go to the Omni official website to view detailed information.