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Will ofo be enter the highest attendance in Europe stadium?

2017-10-18 16:21:56
The latest news from ofo yellow bike is the planned deployment of specially designed bikes at the German Iduna Park. As the Bundesliga team Dortmund's home, Iduna Park is the largest German football field, The number of viewers reached 81178, attendance as high as 99.88%, maintaining the highest number of all the highest in Europe record.

ofo yellow bike at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show IAA announced the cooperation, the Dortmund array of World Cup champion Xu Erle and midfielder Rhodes attended the signing ceremony.

In this summer, Dortmund during the trip in Guangzhou have participated in the marketing activities, two players attended the business activities.

ofo said that Dortmund's famous "yellow and black" team color is also the main opportunity for its signing.Dortmund has always been known for fanatical fan culture, because the team logo and home jersey with bright "yellow",there are also "Hornets" argument.

Ofo shows its city travel solution at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but there is no formal delivery of vehicles in the German market.

During the past two months, there have been news of coming out of the overseas market. cooperates with Softbank C & S to enter the Japanese market at August 9th, entered Seattle at August 18; entered Vienna at August 28,entered the United Kingdom London at September 5, currently, in Singapore, Britain, the United States, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan , Austria, eight overseas countries have a sharing bike.

The main competitor of ofo is that mobike is also entering Singapore, the UK, the Italian and the Japanese market this year. But in terms of the current situation, China's shared bicycle to the sea, or the meaning is greater than the real. The example of ofo first put 20 sharing bikes in Cambridge, can be said to be the most cautious test in history.

Low population density, a sound public transport system, strict urban autonomy and high cost of complaints and so on, are likely to become shared bicycles in overseas markets "acclimatized" reasons. But sharing the bike's attitude towards this matter now looks more like a marketing message that needs to be spread to the ears of consumers and investors.

The new ofo's sharing bike 4.0 equipped with GPS positioning function, timely loss of the official can also be recovered in time, not only to facilitate the user booking to find a car, but also reduce the part of the small user to seize the risk of unauthorized cycling.

In short, the electronic lock + GPS positioning is the advantage of smart locks, but also to prevent the crack of the weapon, Internet of Things era, sharing bike must use smart locks can really get development, from the fierce competition come to the fore. Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of intelligent bike & E-bike control system’s development,production,sale and solution.The major products are Bluetooth sharing bicycle lock, GPS + GPRS smart sharing bicycle lock, GPS + GPRS + Bluetooth smart sharing bike lock and other intelligent products. Omni'smart sharing lock, GPS-tracked city bikes can be left wherever you like!