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Why are Shared Electric Bikes Becoming Popular?

OMNI Original 2024-03-05 10:58:31

The great development of shared electric bikes

As the next phase of differentiated competition in the shared bike industry, shared electric bikes have become a frequent term in the 2024 transportation landscape. With several years of development, shared electric bikes have established a significant industry scale, influencing people's lives nationwide. According to data released by the Ministry of Transport as of the end of August 2023, there are 19.5 million internet rental bicycles in the country, covering 360 cities, with over 300 million registered users and a daily average of 47 million orders. The expansion of brands and the gradual increase in the pace of vehicle deployment contribute to these impressive figures.

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Meeting the Demand for Short-Distance Commuting and Consumer Travel
Shared electric bikes, in comparison to traditional shared bikes, boast mature smart technology. Combining the agility of shared bikes with the efficiency and endurance of electric bikes, shared electric bikes significantly enhance travel efficiency within the 3-10 km range. With the assistance of 

smart bike lock technology and QR code unlocking systems, a circular sharing model facilitates the efficient operation of local transportation.

In contrast to privately owned electric bikes, shared electric bikes utilize smart bike locks, electric bike apps, and SaaS platforms in tandem, maximizing the efficient utilization of vehicles, roads, and other resources. Strict adherence to national safety standards, centralized warehouse layouts, comprehensive fire safety measures, unified parking, and charging management significantly reduce the risk associated with vehicle usage. Moreover, for local development, shared electric bikes effectively alleviate traffic congestion issues and promote emission reduction.


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Creating More Job Opportunities, Accelerating Industrial Upgrades, and Reducing Social Security Issues
Many businesses recognize that, through sharing, replacing 150 million low-frequency-use electric bikes with 60 million shared electric bikes can minimize the risk of long-term parking. The 270 billion yuan saved from vehicle purchases can be redirected to the consumer market, maximizing the reduction of travel costs.

Furthermore, the development of the electric bike system including the most important parts like smart bike lock and electric bike APP and ebike system will create 600,000 jobs in operations, maintenance, and related fields. It accelerates the transition from polluting lead-acid batteries to environmentally friendly lithium batteries, stimulates the replacement and upgrading of electric bikes, and reduces social security issues such as theft.


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Policy Favorability Creating More Opportunities for Industry Development

Shared electric bikes, as indicated by industry signals, provide clear directions for many enterprises and attract significant capital participation.

Additionally, the electric bike lock system is gradually infiltrating the traditional electric bike market. Despite not completely replacing the traditional sales model, the shift towards sharing undoubtedly increases survival opportunities for electric bike manufacturers or businesses, aligning with industry trends.


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OMNI Intelligence anticipates that the shared electric bike industry, with the rapid development of IoT technology, can generate substantial societal value. As a smart bike lock and electric bike system provider, OMNI Intelligence remains committed to delivering superior ebike system to industry clients, contributing to the shared vision of urban development.