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Mode D Smart Bike Lock with IoT TechnologyMode D Smart Bike Lock with IoT TechnologyMode D Smart Bike Lock with IoT TechnologyMode D Smart Bike Lock with IoT Technology

Mode D Smart Bike Lock with IoT Technology

  • Product: smart bike lock
  • Communication: 2G / 4G / RFID / BLE
  • Positioning mode: GPS / Glonass / Beidou / Wifi
  • Upgrade mode: OTA / BLE
  • Battery capacity: 6000 / 8000 mAh
  • Thick lock ring: 10 MM
  • Waterproof level: IPX7
  • Shell material: Aluminium alloy
  • Damage protection,impact resistant

Smart Lock Combined Smart Bike Lock and Cable Lock


Mode D smart lock which is combined smart bike lock and cable lock applied to bicycles and electric bicycles. The smart bike lock is the main part,and the cable lock can be for an assist,they're for ride share services,such as bike sharing system,electric bike lock system. The smart lock works with mobile APP and software which is backend so there's one-stop solution for mobility.

The smart lock is built-in strong capacity battery,with solar charging and vehicle power supply,the device can work 24 hours without interruption,no maintenance.


smart bike lock


The smart bike lock is a gps bike lock with cable for smart parking and temporary parking.

It's real-time positioning and send location information to server and users can also check their location on bike sharing APP or electric bike APP.


About the cable lock


1,The cable lock attached to the horseshoe lock is not necessary to be unlocked using a key.It's automatic unlocking like the horseshoe lock.

2, The other side of cable lock is connected the sharing bikes or electric bikes for security.It is fixed.Only the side which is attached to smart bike lock (horseshoe lock) can be opened digitally.

3, The cable lock can be for temporary parking,it is super functional for users and support different requirement.


bluetooth bike lock


smart bicycle lock


The functions of the smart bike lock


1, GPS tracking system

2, Network communication

3, Communication control system of vehicles

4, RFID technology,RFID card supported

5, 4 Unlocking methods: scan QR code to unlock,unlock via RFID card,unlock via Bluetooth,unlock via server

6, The smart lock keeps working well in a rainy day,and high protection level material of alluminium alloy ensures the smart bike lock is not easy to be broken.


The smart lock is built-in advanced IoT technology and fit all the needs of bikeshare and rental ebikes projects. 


gps bike lock

electric bike lock

One-stop IoT Solution


1, Hardware of smart locks,it can be smart bike lock and electric bike locks.

2, Solutions software: smartphone APP, backend

The smart lock can be used for sharing bicycles and rental electric bikes.

bluetooth bike lock

bike lock with alarm


The dimension of the smart bike lock


bicycle alarm lock


bike security system

bike lock with alarm and gps

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