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Does Electric Vehicles Need Innovation?

OMNI Original 2024-03-12 15:39:18

  Electric vehicles become more popular.

  According to data released by authoritative institutions,as of 2023,the number of electric vehicles in use has exceeded 250 million.This equates to an average of one electric vehicle for every five people in a densely populated country.For instance,the China Bicycle Association predicts that by 2050,the number of electric vehicles in use will reach 400 million.The development of the electric vehicle industry has undergone significant transformations with changing times,resulting in a diverse range of vehicle types.The implementation of the new national standards for electric vehicles last year has rejuvenated the industry.


vehicle tracking devices


  We need to put more change and innovation for electric vehicles.

  The research and development capabilities of leading brands and their ability to quickly adapt to the market have created significant pressure for many traditional small and medium-sized electric vehicle manufacturers.Due to a lack of core technology and innovation capabilities,numerous small and medium-sized electric vehicle manufacturers,in the pursuit of market share,resort to imitation,replication,and even engage in price wars.This has led to severe product homogenization and the proliferation of inferior products,seriously polluting the market environment.

  In such a relatively stable industry ecosystem,achieving the industry upgrade,product enhancement,and service improvement of electric vehicles using internal forces is no easy task for operators.An increasing number of external forces are now aiding traditional electric vehicle manufacturers in transitioning towards the internet,changing their existing survival patterns.


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  Represented by OMNI Intelligence,providers of IoT solutions for two-wheeled vehicles,along with a variety of intelligent terminal products and a large data management platform,empower traditional manufacturers to reshape their electric vehicle brand image.

  The intelligent solution covers various smart products such as IoT devices,vehicle tracking devices,

smart displays,and battery positioning modules.It enables features like sensor-activated vehicle startup,smartphone control,vehicle detection,vibration alerts,data statistics,one-click vehicle locating,smartphone dashboard display,and BMS battery management,significantly enhancing the user riding experience and engagement.


iot devices


  Taking good care of vehicles with software system as well.

      The big data management platform helps manufacturers and dealerships monitor real-time sales and inventory situations,facilitating efficient management,reducing inventory,cutting costs,and steering traditional electric vehicle manufacturers towards an internet-oriented transformation.This assists operators in precisely understanding the distribution of target audiences,implementing precise marketing,and offering tailored services.

  When the genes of digitization,innovation,and experiential satisfaction are instilled into traditional electric vehicles,the future of electric vehicles promises to bring us more surprises and changes.