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Whether the sharing parking will become the next Chinese new invention

2018-01-23 18:55:49
First,there was booking a car by a network,followed by the emergence of sharing bicycles and sharing cars.Of course,there is "Internet parking" today.Internet parking has developed very well,it attracted a lot of attention.

As an outstanding product of the human industry,the automobile completely changed people's life and the appearance of the city.However,with the rapid growth in the number of cars,a huge challenge has also been placed on the global front: difficulty in parking.

The problem of difficult parking seriously affects people's travel and urban operation efficiency.Therefore,all countries in the world have taken measures to solve the problem of parking as an important issue.In addition to routine measures such as constructing parking lots and developing three-dimensional garages,they are constantly exploring and practicing,Each of Them sets out measures to deal with difficult parking.

Japan: Without parking spaces not allowed to buy a car,encouraged to build more commercial parking

Most people think the idea is to buy a car first and then consider the parking spaces.However,according to Japanese law,individuals or units must issue a certificate with a fixed parking space when they buy a car,or the traffic control department will refuse to license the new car.In addition,cities in Japan have granted tax concessions to operating parking lots and encouraged operators to build more parking lots,greatly alleviating the difficulty of parking.

Singapore: Calculate the parking space before building

Singapore has very strict regulations on parking facilities for buildings.Different uses of the building floor area based on the formula,you can accurately calculate at least how many parking spaces need to match.If the construction of parking spaces do not meet the standards,there will be corresponding penalties,thus ensuring that there must be sufficient parking near the building.

UK: High parking costs force more residents to choose low-carbon travel

As the most congested country in Europe,the United Kingdom also made great efforts to control this from a price point of view.In London, for example,it is the most expensive city in the world in terms of parking fees,and the parking time in the urban areas are also extremely stringent control,even if over one minute have to pay high fines.If you drive into the city on weekdays time,the owner also need to pay the city congestion fee.Through price guidance,members of the public tend to choose a more efficient,environmentally-friendly,and low-carbon public way of traveling to reduce the need for car trips and alleviate the hardship of parking difficulties.

Korea: Adjusting the number of cars with economic leverage

South Korea also uses price measures to ease the parking problem.In the past few years,the South Korean government doubled the tax on petrol to control the number of vehicles and collect road use fee,however,the car with more than 3 passengers will be exempt from tolls.After the introduction of this provision,the traffic volume in South Korea has been greatly reduced,and the problem of parking difficulties has also been greatly alleviated.

China: Smart sharing parking,highlighting technological innovation

China has a global leader in mobile Internet technology and is a pioneer in the exploration of new business models based on the mobile Internet.Mobile payment and sharing of bicycles is one of them,becoming the "Four New Inventions of China" accorded with high-speed rail and online shopping.
In the parking problem,Omni also make full use of the advantages of mobile Internet,developed a set of optimal technical solutions for parking difficult: shared parking.

Sharing parking is taking the mobile Internet, big data,cloud computing,Internet of Things and other new technologies appling to the comprehensive management of parking lots,then provide with parking information for the owners,parking guidance,parking spaces,parking fees,electronic payment and other services to achieve parking.Which is efficient to use of resources and owners parking experience upgrade,at the same time,it promote the traditional traffic management to upgrade the wisdom of traffic.
The parking lock APP can help car owners to find nearby parking,and display the remaining number of parking spaces and fees,but also can realize the phone self-service payment,a key navigation and other functions.Through this means,on the one hand to help owners find parking spaces more quickly and easily,on the other hand to help parking to solve the problem of idle parking spaces,mobilizing the parking spaces resources.