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Bluegogo bike sharing re-operation,free cycling riding is preferred

2018-01-22 18:11:10
On January 17,the bluegogo sharing bicycle was officially re-operated,and the drip-sharing bicycle platform was formally launched.At present,the platform includes bluegogo bicycles and OFO sharing bicycles.It is noteworthy that bluegogo bicycles can enjoy a ride-free ride.Users can unlock the sharing bikes by dripping the app's cycling label.

What are the benefits of using a sharing bike without needing deposit?This question can be answered from three levels:First,consumers will not be tied to the deposit,thus kidnapping their own market options,pick what color bike for riding,can be based on their own feelings.Second,Sharing bike industry has become clear,consumers do not have to worry about the deposit by operator embezzlement.Third,Third,reduce the pressure of the regulatory authorities.When need to pay a deposit to use sharing bike,the market need a regulatory authorities to monitor the flow of deposits to ensure consumer interests.