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ofo operating sharing bike was blocked in San Francisco,United States

Mobike and ofo,the two sharing bike companies have fallen into competition for market share,their are keen to expand their business into as many markets as possible.In addition to maximizing their sharing bike,the overseas has also become a big market for their competition.

However,it is not always easy for them to open up overseas markets.Ofo has been communicating with the SFMTA for the past six months in hopes of being able to meet all of its requirements before ofo sharing bike putting in operation. However,there has been made no substantive progress.

In this month,the startup JUMP access to an exclusive pilot to run a sharing bike service eligibility in San Francisco this month.Ofo said their felt unfair and hoped SFMTA could consider reopening the licensing process to provide other start-ups with the opportunity to launch sharing bicycles in the city.