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The function principle of Omni smart bluetooth parking lock

In today's increasingly tense parking spaces,how to avoid private parking spaces being seized by others is a headache thing.Recently,a new smart parking lock developed by Omni not only solve this problem effectively,but also playe a role in theft prevention of the vehicle and is deeply loved by the car owners.Special parking locks can effectively and politely prevent other vehicles from occupying special parking spaces.When the car arrives near the parking space,the parking lock can be opened to park the car into the parking space,when the car leaves,lock the parking lock to prevent other vehicles from occupying the parking space.At the same time,If we can increase the management of parking locks,the parking lot will improve the management of the parking lot.

Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. smart bluetooth parking lock built-in Bluetooth module,through the wireless channel and the control terminal (mobile phone) bluetooth control module to transmit data,and through the APP of the control terminal to control the working status of the parking lock software operation,achieve a convenient operation of the remote parking lock parking vehicle.

The working principle of smart bluetooth parking lock

The first step (unlock the parking lock):When the owner of the car approaching the parking space is about to park,the owner can operate the parking APP on the phone.The control command signal is transmitted via the bluetooth communication module of the mobile phone,then it is transmitted to the bluetooth communication module of the parking lock terminal.The bluetooth communication module receives the command signal from the mobile phone terminal,so that the parking lock can be unlocked and locked.

The second step (locking the parking lock):When the owner drives away from the parking space,the owner continues to control the operation of the parking APP.The corresponding control command signal is transmitted to the parking lock control section via the wireless channel through the wireless channel.In this way,the swing arm of the parking lock will automatically rise,this prevents other vehicles from parking and ultimately protects the owner’s rights.