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The difference between sharing parking and public parking

2018-03-19 18:13:48
Sharing parking spaces refer to the parking spaces of private parking spaces,office buildings,and community areas sharing the free time of their own parking spaces for owners who need them to park.The owner can simply use the application platform to pay for the fees according to the steps.At present,the sharing parking space project represented by Omni Intelligent Technology has been launched,and a mature intelligent sharing parking lock system has been developed,which represents the sharing economic characteristics that have been assigned to parking spaces.

The public parking space in the public parking lot is a collection and transportation site dedicated to vehicles parked by the traffic department and is an important part of the road system.Although it belongs to the public service sector,due to the increase in motor vehicles,and the phenomenon of random parking,the purpose of most parking fees is to constrain the behavior of motor vehicle owners. However,there is a chaotic phenomenon in the management of charges,and it is urgent to rectify the situation.Due to this status quo,it is necessary to promote sharing parking models to alleviate current problems.What is the difference between the two?

1, Different operating modes
Sharing parking spaces rely on application platforms to publish parking space information.Users can control the smart sharing parking lock through the Omni sharing parking APP platform,and can also complete functions such as search and settlement.Managers can also manage the use of parking locks on the application platform.

The public parking lot is mainly managed by the corresponding functional departments.As a management unit that operates parking lots,there is a common problem of multi-party management.The main performance is the inconsistency between the ownership of the temporary parking lot and the right to operate and control within the scope of the road.As a result,these business units only manage to collect the money,regardless of the investment and construction of the parking lot.Some property owners have even leased social parking lots to specialized transport units,thereby changing the nature of social parking.

2.Different toll modes
The charging mode of sharing parking spaces is based on the application platform rules for billing and settlement.Profits are also distributed in accordance with the rules.

Public parking spaces should exert their control over road traffic.Fees will be divided according to different circumstances.For example,congested streets will have corresponding charges,while parks,plazas and other public welfare areas will not charge fees.Due to the problem of multi-headed management,the charging model is confusing.

3, Different user groups
The second is that the sharing parking space that must be paid for using comes from the owner of the parking space with parking spaces,including private car owners and parking lot management parties,which increases additional incomes and saves labor costs.

The users of public parking lots are the owners of motor vehicles.The fees for different locations are different,and the parking rules are different.

4, The use of different methods
The sharing parking space is used according to the smart phone and the smart sharing parking lock.The user needs to register the login account on the application platform.According to the background function to complete different operations.

Public parking spaces are relatively simple,but they are also subject to restrictions imposed by third parties (Parking operators).There are too many uncertainties leading to phenomena such as hard to find parking spaces,high fees,and unreasonable charges.

The unreasonable use of traditional parking spaces caused shortages of parking space resources to be more serious.The voice of staggered parking strategies gradually increased.The emergence of sharing parking spaces allows the concept of staggered time parking to be well resolved.Unattended smart sharing parking locks increase the utilization of parking spaces,reduce labor costs,and allow the entire population to participate in the development of the sharing economy.