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The Meaningful Bike Taillight and Ebike Taillight

Omni Original 2023-06-27 17:34:54

      The significance of bike taillight


        Bike taillight or ebike taillight is luminous lamps installed at the rear of the bicycles or electric bikes.The traditional taillights are used as reflectors.They do not emit light by themselves,but use optical principles to reflect light as a reminder when the lights shine at night.Lithium battery or button battery as the energy source,in the case of power on,the LED is used as the light source to emit more eye-catching light of various colors.The main function is a safety warning to achieve riding safety.

  It is composed of some small plane mirrors at right angles to each other.Due to the reflection of smart bike light,it will reflect the light emitted by light sources such as cars,neon lights,and street lights to the driver,so that the driver can see the cyclist in front and avoid traffic accidents.


bike taillight


  Optical Principles of Bicycle Tail Light


  A prism whose cross section is an isosceles right triangle is called a total reflection prism.The isosceles right triangle ABC represents the cross-section of a total reflection prism,and its two right-angled sides AB and BC represent two mutually perpendicular sides on the prism.If the light hits the AB surface vertically,it will enter the prism in the original direction and hit the AC surface.Since the incident angle(45°)is greater than the critical angle(42°)of light entering the air from the glass,the light will Total reflection occurs on the AC plane and exits the prism along the direction perpendicular to BC.If the light is perpendicular to the AC surface,after entering the prism in the original direction,total reflection will occur on both the AC and BC surfaces,and finally it will be emitted from the AC surface along the opposite direction when it was incident.


smart bike light


  This principle is used in many places in life,such as bike taillight,which use this principle.

  With the development of society,there are more and more vehicles on the road,and weak reflections are no longer enough to attract the attention of passing vehicles.Therefore,some use the energy of batteries and the lighting of smart bike light that will emit light as safety warnings to ensure safer.