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Solve Your Problems by Parking Lock and Smart Parking System

Omni Original 2023-06-29 15:48:18

  Based on IoT connectivity and IoT technologies,parking lock for parking space sharing and personal parking space management will get some new pulse.Parking lock is an intelligent automatic mechanical device that combines ultrasonic sensor sensing technology with NB-IOT.Connect the mini program or mobile APP by scanning the code to control the smart parking lock for lifting.Its function is to share and rent out the parking space through the shared parking platform when you do not use the car parking space,so as to realize the shared parking space.The parking lock refers to a smart device which can monitor and take care of Government-owned Public Parking Facility and public transport parking place and personal parking space rental.


parking lock


       Parking lock and IoT technology  

       Parking lock is controlled and upgraded through IoT technology,which can be remotely controlled to lock and unlock.In addition,it can also detect whether there are other obstacles in the parking space.When the vehicle leaves,the parking lock is automatically closed and raised;when the reserved vehicle arrives at the parking space,the parking lock is automatically unlocked and lowered.Through the communication module in the parking lock and the shared parking app,the car parking lock can interact with the cloud to realize linkage with the parking lot gate system,and automatically activate the barrier gate and automatic settlement functions after completing the reservation.

  Parking lock is to use Internet of Things technology and smart parking lock to manage the parking lot safely and effectively.It not only becomes more and more intelligent,but also brings convenience and happiness to people's life,reduces the time to find a parking space,and improves Efficiency in parking lot management.


smart parking lock


  For car owners,parking lock with smart abilities can assist car owners to complete all parking-related operations.

     Car owners can learn about the vacant parking spaces in the parking lot in advance,enter the venue without taking out the card,scan the code to unlock the car,pay by mobile phone,and make reservations in advance.It greatly saves the time of finding a parking space and parking,and improves the experience of car owners.For parking lot managers or shared parking services,the smart parking system that fully utilizes the Internet of Things technology can interconnect and communicate the data of a single parking lot and a single car owner,break the information islands of the parking lot,and improve parking management and service levels,realize unmanned parking lot management,reduce management costs and improve management efficiency.


smart parking system


  The main advantage of the sharing parking and smart parking system of the Internet

       It connects the smart parking lot to the Internet,and provides the functions of parking lot search,matching,and parking space navigation.Improve search efficiency and realize nearby parking guidance.Through the intelligent transformation of the parking space,the parking lock is added,connected to the Internet,and the parking process is optimized.