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Analysis of the Principle of Car Location Tracker

Omni Original 2023-06-29 17:10:51

  Car location tracker,also known as fleet vehicle tracking,is mainly a car anti-theft GPS positioning product.The functions of fleet vehicle tracking generally include SMS positioning,timing positioning,network query,remote monitoring and remote locking,etc.


  In addition to GPS positioning,the car location tracker also uses mobile phone base stations to locate the road song location tracker.It does not install GPS and locates by registering the mobile phone number on the car.The cost is low!


car location tracker



  The world's smallest fleet vehicle tracking for car anti-theft,that is,the car location tracker is only the size of a matchbox.It does not need to dismantle the wiring in the car.You only need to connect the positive and negative wires of the car battery to locate it.It can track the vehicle in real time and keep the vehicle three Monthly driving route,can print Chinese address report,can automatically locate the vehicle in real time,can locate and track the record of vehicle according to the time period. It is no need for professional technicians to install and just fool-like operation,anyone can get it in 5 minutes,if the target vehicle is in In emergencies such as stolen,stolen,robbed,etc.,you can use your mobile phone or computer to check the location of the vehicle,and track and locate the vehicle's moving route in real time,so that you can easily find your car and catch the criminals smoothly.


  SMS positioning

  Directly use the mobile phone to send a short message"G password"to the device card number,and the device will automatically determine whether the user is authorized,and automatically reply the current location information and status to the user's mobile phone with a text message.

  Timing positioning

  The device can regularly report the current location information of the device according to the user preset time.


fleet vehicle tracking


  Overspeed alarm

  When the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed,an alarm sound will be issued.

  Web query

  By accessing the"Eye of the Sky"system,the current state of the vehicle can be tracked in real time and the track playback within a set period of time can be implemented.

  Power monitoring

  The main vehicle power supply is supplemented by a backup lithium battery.When the main power supply fails,a text message will be sent to remind the user,and the backup power supply will be automatically enabled.

  One-key alarm

  In an emergency,press the emergency alarm button for 3 seconds,and the device will automatically send a text message and make a call to the authorized preset number for help.

  Remote monitoring

  The authorized number can dial the device number at any time to monitor the sound around the vehicle in real time.


car tracker apps


  Remote arming

  Remote arming and disarming through millions of password levels.

  There's a wide range of applications of car location tracker,including personal vehicle management,logistics distribution,public transportation,etc..In terms of personal vehicle management,car owners can use the car location tracker to realize real-time supervision and safety management of the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from being stolen or lost.In terms of logistics distribution,car location tracker can realize real-time monitoring and scheduling management of logistics vehicles,and improve the efficiency and service quality of logistics distribution.In terms of public transportation,car location tracker can realize real-time monitoring and scheduling management of public transportation vehicles,improve the quality and efficiency of public transportation services,and provide a better travel experience.