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Little Knowledge of Bike Light for Sports Bike

Omni Original 2023-07-05 14:00:44

  A bike light is installed on the front and back of the bicycle,which is the basic lighting equipment and has different functions.

  Bike front light,lighting road conditions.The function of the Bike front light is mainly to illuminate the road surface,especially when riding at night,it can clearly illuminate the road conditions,so that the other party coming 200 meters away can also see the car body.However,if the height of the bike front light is too high,the other driver will be"flashed"by the light.The front light is generally white or yellow,and the bike light is different from ordinary flashlights.The flashlight is a diffuse light,and the illumination is not good.Lenses for clear lighting.When riding a bicycle at night,the speed should not exceed 15 kilometers per hour.The Bike front light needs to be able to illuminate the road more than 10 meters ahead.If not,the riding speed must be slower;


bike light


  Bicycle rear light,to warn the vehicles coming from behind.The rear bike light is all red.It needs to be 200 meters away,so that the vehicles coming from behind can see the existence of bicycles,so as to improve cycling safety.Using flashing lights can not only save power,It can also attract the attention of the other party's car.

  As an important equipment for cycling,Bike light not only illuminates the road ahead for us,but also improves the safety of cycling.

  1.The bike light of the bicycle is not only for you to illuminate the road ahead,but more importantly for others to see you.

  2.For your safety,you need to install bike lights on the handlebars,helmet and rear of the car.

  3.Bike front light can help you illuminate the road ahead;rear bike light can make rear vehicles aware of your presence;helmet light can illuminate your front view.

  4.The brighter the bike light is,the better it is.The one that is suitable for the current use environment is the best.In order to ensure the safety of the riding environment at night,the requirements for lighting are better floodlight and larger light spots.

  5.Never turn the headlights to flash mode,too bright and flickering lights are very dangerous.

  6.Stability is very important for the bike light of a sports bike.Choosing a bike light that meets the relevant standards can ensure stability.

  7.The charging light is usually brighter,but the battery life is shorter,so remember to fully charge it before going out.


bicycle rear light


  The headlights and taillights of sports bikes have become a standard accessory for sports bikes.Safety warning is the main function of bike front light and taillights,and it can also play a certain decorative role.Maybe some friends will say"what kind of lights do you use in the daytime?"Take a closer look at the cars driving on the road.Today's daytime running lights have become standard equipment,and have even become mandatory standards.